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#1: Ccss skrev d. 01/07-2017 kl. 11:43
Good afternoon, dear forum users!
Everyone has his own creativity and I also want to talk about my own. I made an app for Minecraft, which contains information on the game itself (craft, mob information, etc.) and mod industrial Craft 2 (in plans also add Build Craft, where without it).
I think there are people who would like to use my app.It's easier to start playing with it, you do not need to search for something on the Internet, everything is already in the app and is conveniently collected. I would like, that, you downloaded this application (put 5 stars) and helped in its implementation and happy destiny in the vast spaces of Google Play.
For any questions and suggestions, write to me on the mail (I'll also try to follow the messages on the forum) . Thank you in advance. Sorry for my English))
Link to Google Play
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