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#1: Stewart skrev d. 13/04-2018 kl. 09:24
So I have a Spigot 1.8.9 server on my RasPi 2 Model B, right? It runs smoothly, lag happens VERY rarely (Probably because there's only 3-5 players on at a time). Then 1.9 rolls around, and I've got to upgrade. I do this, and I log on to the server. It's just me. All alone. Anyways, something’s off on the server. The animals/mobs seem to be frozen. I punch a sheep, and it gets knocked back, like usual. Then I punch it again, and this is where the weirdness is. It just lags. It’s almost like the sheep is in 2 FPS, while the rest of Minecraft is in its normal framerate. Minecraft 1.10 comes, and I upgrade. Same result. I tried using CraftBukkit 1.9, which had the worst lag I’ve ever seen. (Understandable, since spigot is supposed to cut usage.) I downgrade to Spigot 1.8.9 again, and its normal again. As for the lag, the sheep’s not all, though. Any given mob, hostile or tame, will lag randomly. Also, some commands will hang, especially “stop”. In 1.8.9, all commands were unbelievably fast. Tried reinstallations of BuildTools, same result. The lag used to be A WHOLE LOT WORSE when I had openjdk 8. When I upgraded to jdk 8 (Said to run somewhat faster), it eliminated all the lag except for the command and mob lag. Does anybody have a solution or have the same problem?
Please help.
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#2: NoxileYT skrev d. 13/04-2018 kl. 13:28
Go to the english minecraft forum this is danish :D
#3: Defterdar skrev d. 13/04-2018 kl. 13:57
Hans indlæg har intet med minecraft at gøre. Linket i bunden siger det hele...
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